What are house cleaning services?

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What are house cleaning services?

House cleaning services are professional cleaning providers that offer a range of cleaning tasks to maintain and enhance residential properties. These services encompass general cleaning, kitchen and bathroom sanitation, bedroom and living area tidying, and window cleaning. Deep cleaning options tackle more extensive tasks, while specialized services like carpet cleaning can be requested. House cleaning services are flexible, available on various schedules, and can be tailored to homeowners’ preferences. Professional cleaners bring their expertise and supplies, ensuring homes are kept clean, tidy, and inviting while allowing residents to enjoy a well-maintained living space without the effort of doing all the cleaning themselves.

The frequency of hiring house cleaning services depends on your individual needs, lifestyle, and preferences. There are some factors to consider when determining how often to hire house cleaning services such as household size, frequency of people visiting or in-house events that occur but usually:

  • Weekly Cleaning: Suitable for busy households, larger families, homes with pets, or individuals with health concerns.
  • Bi-Weekly Cleaning: A common choice for many households to maintain a clean and tidy environment without a weekly commitment.
  • Monthly Cleaning: Suitable for those who maintain basic tidiness but want a deeper clean and thorough maintenance.
  • Occasional or Seasonal Cleaning: If you prefer handling daily cleaning but want periodic deep cleaning, you can schedule services as needed or during seasonal transitions.
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Residential Cleaning​

Looking for a one-time cleaning or something more frequent? Our residential cleaning team will get your home looking brand new.​

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Window Cleaning

Enjoy a streak-free shine on your windows


Soaking is good for the dishes, but not when they have been there all week, let us get that sink clean and clear of clutter!

Laundry service

We get it, you’re busy and probably don’t love doing all the sorting, washing, & folding. Let us keep your dirty laundry under control.

De-Cluttering & Organizing

Is the pantry getting a little crowded? If you’re constantly having trouble finding things when you need them a quick reorganization is what you need.

Upholstery Cleaning

Keeping your furniture free of dirt

Carpet Cleaning

Have a pesky stain? Or does your carpet not pop as much as it used to? We’ve got you covered.

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