Are your cleaning products safe for children and pets?

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Are your cleaning products safe for children and pets?

Yes, we use eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products that are safe for all members of the family.

The safety of cleaning products for pregnant women can vary depending on the ingredients and chemicals contained in the products. During pregnancy, it’s important to exercise caution as certain chemicals can be harmful to both the mother and the developing fetus. Here are some guidelines for pregnant women regarding the use of cleaning products:

  1. Read Labels Carefully: Opt for cleaning products that are labelled as “non-toxic,” “biodegradable,” or “green.” Generally, these products tend to have fewer harsh chemicals.
  2. Avoid Certain Chemicals: Pregnant women should avoid exposure to certain chemicals such as ammonia, bleach, and phthalates, which can be found in some cleaning products. These chemicals can cause irritation, and in some cases, there are concerns about potential effects on the developing fetus.
  3. Ensure Good Ventilation: When using cleaning products, make sure the area is well-ventilated. Open windows or use exhaust fans to minimize inhalation of fumes.
  4. Wear Gloves: Wearing gloves while cleaning can help reduce skin contact with cleaning chemicals.
  5. Use Homemade Alternatives: Sometimes, simple homemade cleaning solutions made from vinegar, baking soda, or lemon can be effective and are considered safer alternatives to commercial cleaning products.
  6. Limit Frequency and Duration: Try to limit the frequency and duration of cleaning tasks. If possible, delegate cleaning tasks to someone else, especially those that involve using strong cleaning products.
Are your cleaning products safe for children and pets? faq - Cleaning Services in Edmonton

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